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A Holistic Way To Improving Your Health

Homa Therapy & Agnihotra can help you:

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HOMA THERAPY Homa is a Sanskrit word which means offerings being made in the fire.  Therapy means healing. Homa Therapy is the Ancient Science of Healing coming from the Vedas. Homa Therapy is based on the practice of bio-energetic fires. Agnihotra fire is tuned to the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset. The bio-energetic equilibrium is called Health.  Homa Therapy is the science of bio-energy. It is not based on a belief system. It is tantamount to physics or mathematics


Specifically, Homa therapy is a healing and purifying process for the  atmosphere i.e. removing all the toxic elements present in the atmosphere where fire is used as a medium. Once this is done, that healing effect is then passed on to all the various other life forms which are sustained by that atmosphere.  Homa Therapy is the science of Bio-energy and Agnihotra is the Bio-energetic fire of Homa therapy which regenerates and revitalizes the nature which in turn harmonizes the functioning of Prana i.e. life energy.

AGNIHOTRA is one of the essentials of all the HOMA fire practices given in Vedas. It is the process of purifying and restoring subtle energy to the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at the time of sunrise and sunset.  Agnihotra reduces stress, improves overall health, provides an increased level of energy. Those who practice it in on regular basis feels that by performing Agnihotra an aura of positive energy is created all around them and neutralizes the negative energy.  Agnihotra balances the cycle of nature and nourishes human life. It creates a pure, clean and medicinal atmosphere. It cleanses the negative effects of pollution.  Agnihotra is a purification of the atmosphere which leads to automatic purification of mind.

With Agnihotra, it is understood that,” You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you”.

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